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Melody Morgan Fox

The Female Entrepreneur

Business 92%
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From humble beginnings. Grew up in a small rural area in a 700 square foot trailer. Learned an impeccable work ethic at an early age. I have a strong faith, self-esteem & more than enough self-confidence. 

Taking A Deeper Dive

Money never made me them broke days did. Watching my Mother struggle tremendously after my parents divorced, I knew I was not going to live paycheck to paycheck like that my entire life. From the bottom no one ever gave me anything financially. But grew up in a home filled with love, respect.., integrity, & work ethic. In my early 20s, drowning in credit card debt with my car being repossessed, living paycheck to paycheck, and absolutely no one gave me one penny. I was determined, I made a decision, a choice that I was going to break a cycle and things were going to be different. I’m willing to work for everything I pray for . Worked three jobs early on while I built my side hustle. I developed an international e-commerce site, opened brick and mortar retail stores and had multiple locations. 

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I was determined, I made a decision, a choice that I was going to break a cycle and things were going to be different.

Additionally I did consulting work for a strategic analytical business development company. Long story, short, I’m a hustler. My true inspiration at the end of the day would have to be my children. I have 18 year old twins. A daughter & son. Even before I had them I wanted to be able to provide choices for them. I wanted to create a life that didn’t consist of that daily struggle that I watched growing up. I wanted Freedom & choices. I wanted people and things in my life because they were wanted ..not because I needed them or was desperate. I love given that brings me joy and I wanted to earn a lot of money so I could do a lot of good with it.

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